Future Plans for My Blog: USA, Work, Inspiration

Hello everyone!

It’s been a long time since my last post but finally I decided that it’s a good idea to keep it going. After my final post, in which I revealed my personal relationship with the theme of my blog,I was kind of confused and surprised. Confused because I was not sure whether I was ready to tell the truth about my past life. Surprised because I expected more questions for people.

Most of the people just cried, or felt sorry about me, or congratulated me on my achievements. Nobody, however, was curious enough as to aks something I didn’t tell in mypost. And I can assure you there’s a lot I didn’t mention just because I didn’t wantto make the post too heavy.

But that’s ok.When a person is shocked (and my classmates were) he/she doesn’t know that to ask and how to behave. If someof you (no matter who you are and where you are from) is curious about anything can ask me. I am not shy and can answer your questions.

What is the purpose of this post. After my Multimedia Journalism Class ended because of the end of the semester at my university, I had the choice either to end up with my blog or to keep it going. I decided that I HAVE TO continue talk about myself and other people like me, because that’s a topic, which has transformed in taboo but actually many people don’t knowmuch about orphanages and the people who live there.


Me (on the right) and  other children

from the orphanage in Blagoevgrad (2006)

I will continue to present you my friends, teachers, and other people related in certain way to a given orphanage in Bulgaria. Since I am going to the US for the summer, I will not be able to do it. However, I think, at least during that period, to do some kind of diary, in which to present you the wonderful place, where I am going and to share with you my thoughts about the place and the people I will meet and work with.

I hope you will enjoy reading my short stories, which I will call “Stories of an Orphan in Yet Another Home.” I want to do it because the place where I am going is something I have never dreamed about. And if many years ago somebody would have told me that one day I will go to work in the other part of the world absolutely alone, I would have never believed….Now it’s happening for the second time…


                                                                Last summer on Nantucket

Here’s a describtion about my destination:

Nantucket, Massachussetts, USA

Image Nantucket (Source: Wikipedia)

Job: Clothing store

Second year on the island

Will defenately look for a second job!

My flight is on Friday, so be ready to start an unforgettable SUMMER JOURNEY with me!!!!!